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In Ontario, reliability standards are mandatory and are monitored and enforced by the IESO.

Ontario's IESO oversees reliability of the power system. It also adheres to North American standards set by international organizations such as the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC).

In peer reviews and audits of its processes, the IESO consistently receives high marks for its performance, expertise and commitment to reliability. For example, the IESO is an industry leader in requiring that all Control Room staff who operate the system obtain special certification.

The IESO also works with companies that make up the grid to educate them about the rules that are in place to ensure Ontario has a competitive market and reliable electricity system. The IESO also monitors their adherence to these rules. Companies that breach the rules are subject to sanctions such as financial penalties, suspension or termination from operating in Ontario.

Interconnections Strengthen Reliability

Ontario's reliability is enhanced by our connections with our neighbours. These interconnections allow us to import power to meet peak demand in the summer and winter. Imported power is often less expensive than power available in Ontario.

Interconnections also prevent power outages by providing access to additional back-up power in case of a sudden equipment failure in Ontario. Because of these interconnections, the IESO advocates stronger and enforceable mandatory standards throughout North America, similar to the ones already in place in Ontario.


Audit Report Highlights Positive Operations

The NERC 2006 Reliability Readiness Audit Report identifies potential examples of excellence and other positive findings in the IESO's ability to maintain reliable operations of Ontario's bulk power system.