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Ontario's electricity industry is made up of a number of different organizations, each with specific responsibilities. The list below provides contact information for organizations that can answer your questions about electricity in Ontario.

Who to Call ...

  • If you are a market participant, are interested in becoming a market participant or have questions about the role of the IESO, contact:

    Telephone: 905-403-6900
    Toll-Free: 1-888-448-7777
    Fax: 905-403-6921

    IESO Reception (Accounts Payable, Human Resources, etc.)
    Telephone: 905-855-6100

    IESO Media Line (for media inquiries)
    Telephone: 416-506-2823

    Web Feedback (for comments about this Web site)

    Independent Electricity System Operator
    Attention: (Subject Area)
    Station A, Box 4474
    Toronto, ON
    M5W 4E5

  • For questions about your bill, energy consumption or power outages, contact your local utility. The Find Your Local Utility page has a complete list of electricity distribution companies in Ontario.

  • For information about recent developments in the electricity sector and government policy on electricity issues, contact:

    Ontario Ministry of Energy

    The Ontario Ministry of Energy is responsible for energy policy in Ontario and its implementation through the Ontario Energy Board.
    Toll-Free: 1-888-668-4636
    Web site:

    Ministry of Energy
    900 Bay Street, 4th Floor
    Hearst Block
    Toronto, ON
    M7A 2E1

  • Questions about retail prices, charges on your bill or electricity retailers can be forwarded to:

    Ontario Energy Board

    The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) is the regulator of Ontario's electricity and natural gas sectors and licenses all market participants, including your local utility. The OEB is responsible for establishing a regulated rate plan for low-volume and designated electricity consumers

    OEB Customer Service Centre
    Telephone: 416-314-2455
    Toll-Free: 1-877-632-2727
    Web site:
    Reception: 416-481-1967

    Ontario Energy Board
    P.O. Box 2319
    2300 Yonge Street
    Toronto, ON
    M4P 1E4

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is committed to maintaining an accessible environment for persons with disabilities to obtain, use and benefit from IESO services.

The IESO’s Accessibility Policy and supplementary documents are available for review upon request. They are available in additional formats as needed. Contact information for IESO Customer Relations is found here.