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Market Evolution Analysis and Research

The IESO's Market Evolution Analysis and Research (MEAR) group provides analytic support for market evolution and other regulatory initiatives. They do so through economic and econometric analysis in addition to education and outreach.

Economic and Econometric Analysis

Through this group, the IESO uses economic theory and statistical analysis to evaluate how changes to market rules, design or procedures would affect key market variables such as wholesale market prices, consumption and production, and the overall efficient operation of Ontario’s wholesale electricity market. They also provide research, economic advice, and decision support to the IESO on a wide variety of electricity industry policy developments.

Education and Outreach

The IESO aims to enhance public understanding and awareness of the role and benefits of markets and the market based mechanisms in the electricity industry. MEAR has developed a network of independent academics that contribute to the study and understanding of the Ontario electricity market and to further increase its knowledge of innovations in market design in other jurisdictions around the world.

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