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Solar Generation in Ontario

Solar will be soon joining wind generation on the transmission-level grid. The first solar project is expected to come into service in early 2014.

A list of solar projects are scheduled to come in service by Winter 2015 is available here.


Wind Power in Ontario

The IESO constantly monitors wind generation on Ontario's transmission system.

Instructions are available to embed the IESO Wind Tracker on your homepage or blog.

Ontario is at the forefront of wind energy in Canada, with more than 1,700 MW of wind generation capacity connected to the province's power grid. As system operator, the IESO plays a fundamental role in helping bring wind projects into service and ensuring that Ontario's power system can effectively support increased levels of wind generation.

Installed Wind Capacity in Ontario

Wind Farm Capacity (MW) Operational
Amaranth I,
Township of Melancthon
67.5 Mar. 2006
Kingsbridge I,
Huron County
39.6 Mar. 2006
Port Burwell (Erie Shores),
Norfolk and Elgin Counties
99 May 2006
Prince I,
Sault Ste. Marie District
99 Sep. 2006
Prince II,
Sault Ste. Marie District
90 Nov. 2006
Ripley South,
Township of Huron-Kinloss
76 Dec. 2007
Port Alma (T1) (Kruger),
Port Alma
101.2 Oct. 2008
Amaranth II,
Township of Melancthon
132 Nov. 2008
Underwood (Enbridge),
Bruce County
181.5 Feb. 2009
Wolfe Island,
Township of Frontenac Islands
197.8 Jun. 2009
Port Alma II (T3) (Kruger),
Municipality of Chatham-Kent
101 Dec. 2010
Gosfield Wind Project,
Town of Kingsville
50 Jan. 2011
Spence Wind Farm (Talbot),
Townships of Howard and Oxford
98.9 Mar. 2011
Dillon Wind Centre (Raleigh) 78 Nov. 2011
Greenwich Wind Farm 99 Jan. 2012
Pointe Aux Roches Wind 49 April 2013
Comber Wind Limited Partnership 166 April 2013

The following wind projects are scheduled to come in service by Winter 2015:

Capacity (MW)  
East Lake St. Clair Wind 99  
Conestogo Wind Energy Centre 1 69 2013-Q3
Summerhaven Wind Energy Centre 125 2013-Q3
Erieau Wind 99 2013-Q3
McLean's Mountain Wind Farm 60 2013-Q4
Bow Lake Phase 1 20 2014-Q1
Port Dover and Nanticoke Wind Project 105 2014-Q1
Dufferin Wind Farm 100 2014-Q1
Nigig Power Corporation 300 2014-Q1
Niagara Region Wind Farm 230 2014-Q1
Haldimand Wind Project 150 2014-Q1
South Kent Wind Project 270 2014-Q1
Amherst Island 75 2014-Q2
Goulais Wind Farm 25 2014-Q2
Bow Lake Phase 2 40 2014-Q2
Adelaide Wind Power Project 40 2014-Q3
Bornish Wind Energy Centre 74 2014-Q3
Grand Bend Wind Farm 100 2014-Q3
Grand Valley Wind Farms (Phase 3) 40 2014-Q3
Gunn's Hill Wind Farm 25 2014-Q3
Cedar Point Wind Power Project Phase II 100 2014-Q3
Adelaide Wind Energy Centre 60 2014-Q3
Bluewater Wind Energy Centre 60 2014-Q3
Goshen Wind Energy Centre 102 2014-Q3
Jericho Wind Energy Centre 150 2014-Q3
White Pines Wind Farm 60 2014-Q3
Armow Wind Project 180 2014-Q4
K2 Wind Project 270 2014-Q4
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