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Generator Planned Outage Report

Generator Planned Outage Report
Under the Market Rules, Chapter 5, section 6.5.5, the IESO is obligated to publish generator outage data, aggregated by fuel type based on information provided to it by market participants. As part of ongoing maintenance activities, generating units (and sometimes entire generating stations) are removed from service in order to do inspections, effect repairs, carry out equipment modifications and generally keep the facility in a state where it is capable of meeting the demand placed upon it. When this happens, the unit is no longer capable of producing electrical power. Outages are a normal part of generating unit operations and are required in order to ensure unit operation, safety and reliability.

Different generating technologies have different outage requirements. Nuclear facilities generally have fewer outages, but their average duration can be longer than those needed for other generating technologies. Additionally, as units age and approach retirement, the frequency of forced outages may increase. The time of the year can also have an impact on outage schedules. Generally, more outages are scheduled during the spring and fall "shoulder seasons" in order to maximize availability of generating resources during the summer and winter "peak seasons".

The IESO publishes Security and Adequacy Assessment / System Status Reports (SAA/SSR) which provide detailed forecasts of load and available generation and transmission capacities as well as information on generation outages, reflected as total generation unavailable. Included in the total outage value in the SAA/SSR reports are adjustments to reflect bottled capacity, unscheduled self schedule/intermittent capability and a 2% adjustment factor to compensate for the outage reporting deadband. These adjustments are not included in the reports below.

The Generator Planned Outages Reports below provide hourly outage information aggregated by fuel type for the next 14 days and daily aggregated fuel type outage totals for the following 21 days.

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Generator Planned Outage Report
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