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Facility Registration

Registering your facility with the IESO helps ensure the reliability and performance of the IESO-controlled grid.

The facility registration task gathers the technical information needed to represent your facility in IESO systems. The information the IESO gathers includes the physical characteristics, location of your facility and the people responsible for specific roles at your facility. The information is also used to ensure that your facility meets reliability standards and any requirement identified in your connection assessment.

You must register any physical facility (generation, load, transmission and distribution) that will be connected to the IESO-controlled grid or that will be participating in the IESO-administered markets and/or programs. You may be required to register a facility (generation and load) that will be connected to a distribution system

How to Begin

Please contact the IESO at for further assistance.

You will be assigned a project manager who will provide assistance to you in completing and submitting the applicable documents. You can start this task once you have completed any applicable connection assessment and you should start if:

Registration Documents
You will need to complete and submit the applicable facility registration documents and forms for your facility.
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