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Rules, Manuals and Forms

The Market Rules and Manuals define the IESO-Administered Markets and describe how they will operate. The IESO Board has full authority to make, i.e. approve, the Market Rules. Market Manuals and Procedures, approved by IESO management, provide more detailed descriptions of the requirements for various activities specified in the Market Rules and include the forms and agreements required by market participants.

The current set of Market Documents known as 30.1, was updated and published on December 4, 2013.

The Rule Amendment Process page explains how to propose an amendment to the Market Rules. Amendments will be posted on this Web site as they go through the various stages of development, review and approval. These include:
  • Technical Panel Determinations on Amendment Submissions, which are amendment submissions that either warrant or do not warrant further consideration.
  • Proposed Amendments, which are published for review and consultation before going to a Technical Panel vote.
  • Recommended Amendments, which have been voted on and recommended by the Technical Panel for approval by the IESO Board.
  • Pending Amendments, which are approved by the IESO Board but are not yet in force. These amendments are available on the Pending Changes page until they come into force and/or are incorporated into the subsequent revision (or Baseline) of the Rules and Manuals.
  • Urgent Amendments, which have been approved by the Urgent Rule Amendment committee and/or the IESO Board and have come into force on the date specified.

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246 document(s) found
  Document Date Published Links
UpdatedGuide to Documents Published in Baseline12/4/2013  PDF (443KB) 
 Market Rules9/11/2013  PDF (4.39MB)ZIP (13.0MB)
   Chapter 1 Introduction and Interpretation6/5/2013  PDF (205KB) 
   Chapter 1 Appendices9/13/2006  PDF (41KB) 
   Chapter 2 Participation6/5/2013  PDF (288KB) 
   Chapter 2 Appendices6/5/2013  PDF (140KB) 
   Chapter 3 Administration, Supervision, Enforcement6/5/2013  PDF (382KB) 
   Chapter 3 Appendices6/7/2006  PDF (49KB) 
   Chapter 4 Grid Connection Requirements9/11/2013  PDF (140KB) 
   Chapter 4 Appendices6/5/2013  PDF (331KB) 
   Chapter 5 Power System Reliability9/11/2013  PDF (385KB) 
New  • MR-00404-R00 - Outage Coordination, Outage Management Redesign
effective on February 5, 2014
12/9/2013  PDF (437KB) 
   Chapter 5 Appendices6/5/2013  PDF (76KB) 
   Chapter 6 Wholesale Metering6/5/2013  PDF (333KB) 
   Chapter 6 Appendices9/12/2012  PDF (188KB) 
   Chapter 7 System Operations and Physical Markets9/11/2013  PDF (495KB) 
   Chapter 7 Appendices9/11/2013  PDF (901KB) 
   Chapter 8 Physical Bilateral Contracts and Financial Markets6/5/2013  PDF (199KB) 
   Chapter 8 Appendices9/9/2009  PDF (58KB) 
   Chapter 9 Settlements and Billing9/11/2013  PDF (806KB) 
   Chapter 9 Appendices9/12/2012  PDF (87KB) 
   Chapter 10 Transmission Service and Planning3/8/2006  PDF (118KB) 
   Chapter 11 Definitions9/11/2013  PDF (266KB) 
UpdatedMarket Rules to Manual Cross Reference Guide (GDE-23)12/4/2013  XLS (45KB)
 Market Entry, Maintenance & Exit Manual   
   1.0 - Market Entry, Maintenance & Exit Overview (MDP_PRO_0015)12/9/2009  PDF (273KB) 
   1.1 - Participant Authorization, Maintenance & Exit (MDP_PRO_0014)3/7/2012  PDF (433KB) 
   Declaration of Designated Consumer (1507)12/9/2009  DOC (49KB)
   Prudential Support Information Form (1044) - To be completed by all Market Participants12/7/2005  DOC (98KB)
   Prudential Support Spreadsheet (1044A) - To be completed by all Market Participants2/22/2006  XLS (35KB)
   Prudential Notes for Form 1044 (1044B)9/12/2012 PDF (32KB) 
New  Register An Organization (10)12/4/2013  DOC (76KB)
   Participation Agreement (MDP_AGR_0012)10/21/2013 PDF (108KB) 
   Participation Amending Agreement (IMP_TPL_0006)  6/2/2010  DOC (891KB)
   Transmission Rights Auction Information (1361)12/7/2005  DOC (49KB)
   Transmission Rights Certification as an Eligible Commercial Entity (1540)12/9/2009  DOC (77KB)
   OEB Generator Reporting and Record Requirements Consent Form - Generator Consent (1541)12/9/2009  DOC (61KB)
   Application for Withdrawal (1242)12/7/2005  DOC (57KB)
   Implementation of Three-Part Offers (1721)10/12/2011  DOC (55KB)
   1.2 - Facility Registration, Maintenance and De-registration (MDP_PRO_0016)3/6/2013  PDF (416KB) 
   Additional Generation Facility Characteristics (1558)12/7/2005  DOC (104KB)
   Facility Profile (1181)10/12/2011  DOC (55KB)
   Real-Time Generation Cost Guarantee and Day-Ahead Generation Cost Guarantee Data Form (1552)10/12/2011  DOC (82KB)
   Combined Cycle Plant Form (1702)10/12/2011  DOC (55KB)
   Letter of Empowerment (1141)12/7/2005  DOC (60KB)
   RMP User - Resource Relationship (1421)12/7/2005  DOC (99KB)
   Gas Turbine Governor Model Data Sheet (1476)12/7/2005  DOC (123KB)
   Wind Generation Facility Data (1736)9/11/2013  XLS (59KB)
   Solar Generation Facility Data (1737)9/11/2013  XLS (63KB)
Pending  1.3 - Identity Management Operations Guide (IMP_GDE_0088)3/14/2013 PDF (3.36MB) 
 Market Administration Manual   
   2.0 - Market Administration Overview (MDP_MAN_0002)9/12/2007  PDF (93KB) 
   2.1 - Dispute Resolution (MDP_PRO_0017)12/9/2009  PDF (595KB) 
   Notice of Dispute (1001)12/9/2009  DOC (76KB)
   Response to a Notice of Dispute (1002)12/9/2009  DOC (71KB)
   Response to a Crossclaim or Counterclaim (1446)12/9/2009  DOC (80KB)
   Notice of Intent to Dispense with Mediation (1095)12/9/2009  DOC (58KB)
   Confidentiality Agreement - Mediation (IMP_AGR_0005)6/4/2008  PDF (71KB) 
   Notice of Termination of Mediation (1097)12/9/2009  DOC (54KB)
   Dispute Resolution Form for Written Submissions For Arbitration (1090)6/4/2008  PDF (28KB) 
   Dispute Resolution Form for Written Reply Submissions for Arbitration (1091)6/4/2008  PDF (26KB) 
   Dispute Resolution Leave to Intervene (1092)6/4/2008  PDF (26KB) 
   Invoice for Costs of the Mediation or Costs of the Arbitration (1094)12/9/2009  DOC (359KB)
   Exemption Application and Assessment (IMO_PRO_0019)4/29/2004  PDF (177KB) 
   Request to Transfer Exemption (1603)3/10/2005  DOC (95KB)
   Rules of Procedure Governing Hearings Before the IESO Board (IESO_PRO_0002)1/10/2005  PDF (79KB) 
   Exemption Application (1413)3/9/2005  DOC (72KB)
   Third Party Submission on Exemption Application (1414)3/9/2005  DOC (50KB)
   Exemption Applicant Comments on IESO Staff Recommendation (1415)3/9/2005  DOC (69KB)
   Exemption Applicant or IESO Staff Comments on Third Party Submission (1418)3/10/2005  DOC (61KB)
Updated  2.3 - Market Rule Amendment Procedure (MDP_PRO_0019)12/4/2013 PDF (862KB) 
   Market Rule Amendment Proposal Form (1087)9/14/2005  DOC (62KB)
Updated  Market Rule Amendment Submission Form (1466)12/4/2013  DOC (69KB)
Updated  Market Rule Amendment Written Submission Form (1467)12/4/2013  DOC (56KB)
   Market Rule Interpretation Bulletin Form (1473)3/9/2005  DOC (46KB)
   2.5 - Maintaining Surveillance Data and Amending the Data Catalogue (MDP_PRO_0021)9/25/2002  PDF (419KB) 
   Market Participant Request for Market Surveillance Data and Information (1318)9/25/2002  DOC (175KB)
   Market Participant Request Comments for Amendment to the Market Surveillance Data Catalogue (1321)9/25/2002  DOC (175KB)
   Market Participant Request for Amendment to Market Surveillance Catalogue of Monitoring Indices (1325)9/25/2002  DOC (175KB)
   Data Catalogue Submission Form (1449)4/10/2002  DOC (175KB)
   2.6 - Treatment of Compliance Issues (MDP_PRO_0022)3/6/2013 PDF (470KB) 
   • Interpretation Bulletin, IMO_MKRI_0001:
Compliance with Dispatch Instructions Issued to Dispatchable Facilities.
6/29/2009 PDF (46KB) 
   Non-Compliance Event Report (1253)3/8/2006  DOC (82KB)
   2.7 - Treatment of Market Surveillance Issues (MDP_PRO_0023)6/4/2003  PDF (279KB) 
   Market Participant Request for Market Surveillance Investigation or Complaint (1329)9/25/2002  DOC (173KB)
   2.8 - Reliability Assessments Information Requirements (MDP_PRO_0024)7/9/2012  PDF (111KB) 
   Generator Information Submittal Form (1223)7/9/2012  XLS (213KB)
   Plans for Retired, New or Modified Facilities Information Submittal Form (1494)7/9/2012  XLS (60KB)
   2.9 - Directives for Proposal (DFP) (MDP_PRO_0025)3/8/2006 PDF (514KB) 
Updated  2.10 - Connection Assessment and Approval Procedure (MDP_PRO_0048)12/4/2013 PDF (809KB) 
   Cost Recovery Agreement (IESO_AGR_0022)9/12/2012 PDF (73KB) 
   Project Status Report (1399)9/12/2012  DOC (114KB)
   Notification of Withdrawal Form (1073)12/19/2006  DOC (194KB)
   Feasibility Study Agreement (IMP_AGR_0001)6/6/2012 PDF (83KB) 
   Feasibility Study Application - Generation Facilities (1380)12/19/2006  DOC (378KB)
   Feasibility Study Application - Transmission Facilities (1381)12/19/2006  DOC (279KB)
   Feasibility Study Application - Load Facilities (1052)12/19/2006  DOC (518KB)
   Feasibility Study Application - Ancillary Services Facilities (1174)12/19/2006  DOC (145KB)
   System Impact Assessment Agreement (IMP_AGR_0002)12/5/2012 PDF (123KB) 
   System Impact Assessment Application (IESO)/ Customer Impact Assessment Application (Hydro One) for Generation Facilities (1536)12/8/2010  DOC (610KB)
   System Impact Assessment Application - Transmission Facilities (1537)8/12/2011  DOC (338KB)
   System Impact Assessment Application (IESO)/ Customer Impact Assessment Application (Hydro One) for Load Facilities (1538)10/28/2013  DOC (494KB)
   System Impact Assessment Application - Ancillary Service Facilities (1539)12/19/2006  DOC (144KB)
   System Impact Assessment Application - Renewable Energy Generation Facility Application to Request a Connection Assessment for Hydro One (1706)7/18/2011  DOC (634KB)
   System Impact Assessment Application - Renewable Energy Generation Facility Application to Request a Connection Assessment for GLP Transmission (1707)12/8/2010  DOC (586KB)
   Ontario Resource and Transmission Assessment Criteria (IMO_REQ_0041)8/22/2007 PDF (350KB) 
   Asset Transfer Agreement (TPL-3)6/5/2013 PDF (101KB) 
   2.11 - 18-Month Outlook and Related Information Requirements (IMP_PRO_0024)12/5/2012 PDF (165KB) 
   Generator Information Submittal Form for 18-Month Outlook (1230)4/30/2010  XLS (147KB)
   Plans for New or Modified Facilities Information Submittal Form for 18-Month Outlook (1484)4/30/2010  XLS (56KB)
   2.12 - Treatment of Local Market Power (IMO_PRO_0034)6/4/2008 PDF (272KB) 
   Standard - Local Market Power Mitigation, Price Screen Duration Factors (IMO_STD_0007)1/29/2002  DOC (514KB)
   Response to Notice of Possible CMSC Recalculation for Local Market Power (1440)3/7/2007  DOC (77KB)
   Request for a Local Market Power Inquiry (1442)10/19/2005  DOC (78KB)
   Submission of Information Requested for a Local Market Power Inquiry (1455)9/14/2005  DOC (95KB)
   2.13 - Change and Baseline Management (IMO_PRO_0039)9/14/2005 PDF (132KB) 
   2.14 - Information Confidentiality Catalogue (IMO_CAT_0002)9/8/2010 PDF (2.74MB) 
   2.16 - Ontario Technical Feasibility Exception (IESO_PRO_0680)3/7/2012 PDF (667KB) 
   TFE Cost Recovery Agreement (IESO_AGR_0023)7/27/2010 PDF (524KB) 
   Technical Feasibility Exception Application - Part A (IESO_FORM_1717)7/27/2010  DOC (99KB)
   Technical Feasibility Exception Application - Part B (IESO_GDE_0305)7/27/2010 PDF (176KB) 
   2.17 - Compliance Auditing of Reliability Standards for Ontario Market Participants (IESO_PRO_0803)12/7/2011 PDF (366KB) 
 Metering Manual   
   3.0 - Metering Overview (MDP_MAN_0003)9/12/2012 PDF (76KB) 
   3.1 - Metering Service Provider (MSP) Registration, Revocation and De-registration (MDP_PRO_0007)9/12/2012 PDF (584KB) 
   Change of MSP Registration Details (1358)3/9/2005  DOC (50KB)
   Metering Service Provider Agreement (IMO_AGR_0012)1/26/2012  DOC (808KB)
   Application Form for the Registration of Metering Service Providers in the IESO-Administered Market (MSP_TPL_0001)6/1/2005  DOC (598KB)
   3.2 - Meter Point Registration and Maintenance (MDP_PRO_0013)6/5/2013 PDF (1.45MB) 
   Application to Retain Registration under the Alternative Metering Installation Standard (1663)12/19/2006  DOC (38KB)
   Declaration of Compliance of Metering Installation (1298)3/8/2006  DOC (67KB)
   Single Line Diagram Submission Form (1041)6/5/2013  DOC (75KB)
   Assigning an MSP to a Meter Point (1390)6/5/2013  DOC (49KB)
   Alternative Metering Installation Standard Checklist (1042)3/9/2005  DOC (63KB)
   MIRT Update Form (1488)6/1/2005  XLS (42KB)
   3.4 - Measurement Error Correction (MDP_PRO_0010)9/12/2012 PDF (223KB) 
   Measurement Error Correction Register (1039)3/9/2005  DOC (77KB)
   3.5 - Site Specific Loss Adjustments Procedure (MDP_PRO_0011)9/12/2012 PDF (316KB) 
   Site Specific Loss Adjustment Register (1040)3/9/2005  DOC (61KB)
   3.6 - Conceptual Drawing Review (MDP_PRO_0012)9/12/2012 PDF (433KB) 
   Conceptual Drawing Review Submission Form (1043)6/5/2013  DOC (69KB)
   3.7 - Totalization Table Registration (IMP_PRO_0047)9/12/2012 PDF (663KB) 
   Acceptance of Meter Disaggregation Model (1665)6/5/2013  DOC (78KB)
   Acceptance of Compliance Aggregation Model (1660)6/5/2013  DOC (70KB)
   Totalization Table Form (1310)9/12/2007  XLS (63KB)
   Connection Facility Station Service - Not Metered by an RWM (1311)3/9/2005  DOC (38KB)
   3.8 - Creating and Maintaining Delivery Point Relationships (IMP_PRO_0057)9/12/2012 PDF (292KB) 
   Registration of an Embedded Generation Facility (1563)6/5/2013  DOC (54KB)
   Assigning a Registered Market Participant and a Metered Market Participant for an Energy Market Delivery Point (1299)6/5/2013  DOC (52KB)
   Assigning a Metering Service Provider and a Distributor for an Energy Market Delivery Point (1300)6/5/2013  DOC (54KB)
   Assigning a Metering Service Provider and a Transmitter for a Transmission Tariffs Delivery Point (1304)3/8/2006  DOC (62KB)
   3.9 - Conformance Monitoring (IMP_PRO_0058)9/12/2012 PDF (344KB) 
   Site Specific Loss Adjustments Standard (MDP_STD_0005)9/12/2012 PDF (478KB) 
   Wholesale Revenue Metering Standard - Hardware (MDP_STD_0004)9/12/2012 PDF (321KB) 
   Conforming Meter List Application (1179)6/5/2013  DOC (205KB)
   Meter Read Reconciliation Form and Instrument Transformer Spot Check Form (1411). Revised for internal purposes only.10/28/2008  XLS (90KB)
   Notification of Power Switching Form (1464)3/9/2005  XLS (28KB)
   Witness of Buried Section Instrument Transformer Secondary Cables Form (1509)6/1/2005  DOC (91KB)
   3.10 - Transmission Grid - High Voltage Metering (IESO_PRO_0573)12/10/2008 PDF (128KB) 
 Market Operations Manual   
   4.0 - Market Operations Overview (MDP_MAN_0004)10/12/2011 PDF (380KB) 
Updated  4.2 - Submission of Dispatch Data in the Real-Time Energy and Operating Reserve Markets (MDP_PRO_0027)2/5/2014 PDF (526KB) 
   4.3 - Real Time Scheduling of the Physical Markets (IMP_PRO_0034)9/11/2013 PDF (563KB) 
   • Interpretation Bulletin, IMO_MKRI_0001:
Compliance with Dispatch Instructions Issued to Dispatchable Facilities.
6/29/2009 PDF (46KB) 
   4.4 - Transmission Rights Auction (MDP_PRO_0029)9/11/2013 PDF (322KB) 
   Notice of Rejection for Transmission Rights Market (1221)3/9/2005  DOC (37KB)
   Transmission Rights Auction Information (1361)12/7/2005  DOC (57KB)
   Notice of Revocation of Transmission Rights (1374)3/9/2005  DOC (58KB)
   4.5 - Market Suspension and Resumption (MDP_PRO_0030)7/26/2004 PDF (177KB) 
   Guidelines for Additional Compensation During Administrative Pricing (IMO_GDL_0025)9/14/2005 PDF (78KB) 
   Additional Compensation during Administrative Pricing (1398)9/14/2005  DOC (111KB)
 Settlements Manual   
Updated  5.0 - Overview (MDP_MAN_0005)12/4/2013  PDF (140KB) 
Updated  5.1 - Settlement Schedule and Payments Calendars (SSPCs) (MDP_PRO_0031)12/4/2013  PDF (113KB) 
   5.2 - Meter Data Processing (MDP_PRO_0032)9/12/2012  PDF (595KB) 
   5.3 - Submission of Physical Bilateral Contract Data9/12/2012  PDF (141KB) 
   List of Resources for Physical Bilateral Contracts (IMO_PBCL_0001)3/21/2012  XLS (135KB)
   5.4 - Prudential Support (MDP_PRO_0045)
For further information see the Prudential Training Guide on the Marketplace Training Courses and Materials page.
9/12/2012  PDF (561KB) 
   Annual Review of Price Basis for Determining Prudential Support Obligations (IESO_GDE_0228)5/9/2011 PDF (59KB) 
    List of Schedule Banks to the Bank Act (IMO_LST_0001)5/13/2013  PDF (243KB) 
   Prudential Guarantee (IMP_GRNT_0001)
To see a sample of a completed guarantee, please click on the following link: Prudential Guarantee Sample
4/30/2008  DOC (359KB)
   Pulp & Paper Rebate Program Set-Off Agreement (IESO_AGR_0020)3/28/2007  DOC (870KB)
   Prudential Support Obligation - Schedule A (1443)3/9/2005  XLS (76KB)
   Prudential Support Obligation - Schedule B (1444)3/9/2005  XLS (76KB)
   Prudential Support Supplementary (1445)12/7/2005  DOC (56KB)
   Prudential Affidavit (IMO_AFF_0001)3/9/2005  DOC (914KB)
   Pledge of Cash and Treasury Bill Agreement (IMO_AGR_0013)4/23/2009  DOC (693KB)
Updated  5.5 - Physical Markets Settlement Statements (MDP_PRO_0033)12/4/2013 PDF (1.42MB) 
   Application for Registering as Cogeneration Facility (1553)12/7/2005  DOC (108KB)
   Administrative Pricing Event Correction (1549)9/11/2013  XLS (78KB)
   Guide to Submitting Forms Using Registration (IMO_GDE_0165)9/14/2005 PDF (134KB) 
Updated  IESO Charge Types and Equations (IMP_LST_0001)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
12/4/2013 PDF (1.62MB) 
Updated  Format Specifications for Settlement Statement Files and Data Files (IMP_SPEC_0005)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
12/4/2013 PDF (947KB) 
   Application for Designation of a Facility for Station Service Rebate (1419)3/9/2005  DOC (51KB)
   File Format Specifications for Participant Transmission Tariff Data Files (IMP_SPEC_0006)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
   File Format Specifications for the Transmitter Transmission Tariff Data File (IMP_SPEC_0007)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
   File Format Specifications for Transmitter Reconciliation Data File (IMP_SPEC_0008)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
   Transmission Tariff Peak System Demand Data Report (IMP_REP_0016)
Refer to the
Technical Interfaces page
   Reduced Debt Retirement Charge Certification (1438)3/9/2005  DOC (59KB)
   Request for Optional Measurement Data Records (1433)3/9/2005  DOC (40KB)
Updated  HST Guide for IESO Transactions (IMO_GDE_0002)12/4/2013 PDF (676KB) 
Updated  5.6 - Physical Markets Settlement Invoicing (MDP_PRO_0035)12/4/2013 PDF (178KB) 
Updated  5.7 - Financial Market Settlement Statements (MDP_PRO_0046)12/4/2013 PDF (399KB) 
Updated  IESO Charge Types and Equations (IMP_LST_0001)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
12/4/2013 PDF (1.62MB) 
   Format Specifications for Settlement Statement Files and Data Files (IMP_SPEC_0005)
Refer to the Technical Interfaces page
9/11/2013 PDF (926KB) 
Updated  HST Guide for IESO Transactions (IMO_GDE_0002)12/4/2013 PDF (676KB) 
Updated  5.8 - Financial Market Settlement Invoicing (MDP_PRO_0047)12/4/2013 PDF (328KB) 
Updated  5.9 - Settlement Payment Methods and Schedule (MDP_PRO_0036)12/4/2013 PDF (421KB) 
   Notification of Prepayment (1130)3/9/2005  DOC (54KB)
UpdatedParticipant Technical Reference Manual (IMO_MAN_0024)12/20/2013 PDF (1.67MB) 
 System Operations Manual   
   7.0 - Overview   (IMP_MAN_0012) 3/6/2013 PDF (440KB) 
Updated  7.1 - System Operating Procedures (MDP_PRO_0040)2/5/2014 PDF (364KB) 
   7.2 - Near-Term Assessments and Reports (IMP_PRO_0033)9/11/2013 PDF (580KB) 
   Energy Limited Data (1385)3/8/2006  DOC (171KB)
Updated  7.3 - Outage Management  (IMP_PRO_0035)2/5/2014 PDF (446KB) 
   • Interpretation Bulletin, IESO_MKRI_0002:
Maintaining the Reliability of Supply to Customer Connections
10/31/2006 PDF (35KB) 
   • Interpretation Bulletin, IESO_MKRI_0003:
Market Participant Eligibility for Outage Compensation
10/9/2008 PDF (40KB) 
   Request for Outage Compensation (1350)12/7/2005  DOC (147KB)
Updated  7.4 - IESO-Controlled Grid Operating Policies (IMP_POL_0002)  2/5/2014 PDF (363KB) 
   • Interpretation Bulletin, IESO_MKRI_0002:
Maintaining the Reliability of Supply to Customer Connections
10/31/2006 PDF (35KB) 
   7.6 - Glossary of Standard Operating Terms  (IMP_GOT_0002)  6/2/2010 PDF (461KB) 
   7.7 - Disturbance Reporting  (IMO_PRO_0011)12/5/2001 PDF (341KB) 
Updated  7.8 - Ontario Power System Restoration Plan (IMO_PLAN_0001) 12/4/2013 PDF (715KB) 
Updated  7.10 - Ontario Electricity Emergency Plan (IMO_PLAN_0002)  12/4/2013 PDF (467KB) 
 Day-Ahead Commitment Process   
   9.0 - DACP Overview (IESO_MAN_0041)10/12/2011 PDF (163KB) 
   9.1 - Submitting Registration Data for the DACP (IESO_MAN_0076)10/12/2011 PDF (357KB) 
   9.2 - Submitting Operational and Market Data for the DACP (IESO_MAN_0077)12/5/2012 PDF (554KB) 
   9.3 - Operation of the DACP (IESO_MAN_0078)9/11/2013 PDF (379KB) 
   9.4 - Real-Time Integration of the DACP (IESO_MAN_0079)3/7/2012 PDF (334KB) 
   9.5 - Settlement for the DACP (IESO_MAN_0080)3/6/2013 PDF (952KB) 
   Fuel Cost Compensation (1654)10/12/2011  XLS (109KB)
 Reliability Compliance   
   11.0 - Reliability Compliance Overview   
   11.1 - Applicability Criteria for Compliance with NERC Reliability Standards and NPCC Criteria IESO Guideline (IESO_GDE_0364)9/12/2013 PDF (436KB) 
   NERC Reliability Standard Mapping Tool/Spreadsheet2/6/2013  XLS (525KB)
   NPCC Criteria Mapping Spreadsheet2/6/2013  XLS (207KB)
   11.2 - Ontario Reliability Compliance Program (IESO_PRO_0874)3/6/2013 PDF (295KB) 
   Ontario Reliability Compliance Program - Refer to Ontario Reliability Compliance Program for details and schedule.   
   11.3 - Reliability Information Catalogue (IESO_CAT_0011)  3/6/2013 PDF (262KB) 
   11.4 - Ontario Bulk Electric System (BES) Exception (IESO_PRO_0875)6/5/2013 PDF (826KB) 
   Ontario Bulk Electric System (BES) Exception Request and Detailed Information Form (1757)12/5/2012  DOC (87KB)
   BES Exception Cost Recovery Agreement (IESO_TPL_0090)12/5/2012 PDF (160KB) 
   11.5 - Generator Verification (IESO_PRO_0876)3/6/2013 PDF (224KB) 
   Generator Active and Reactive Power Capability (1710)3/6/2013  XLS (195KB)
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