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Baseline Calendar

As the IESO systems and processes evolve and mature, market documentation will be updated. Market documentation consists of Market Rules, market manuals, technical interface documents and other related documents. These documents are changed to reflect Market Rule amendments approved by the IESO Board, revised procedures, updated tools and new information.

The current set of market documentation forms the market documentation baseline. At regular intervals, a new baseline will be issued. In advance of these baseline dates, the IESO publishes proposed changes to the market documentation to allow market participants to comment on the impact that these changes will have on their processes and systems. Market Rule amendments under development or approved are posted on an ongoing basis on the Current Market Rule Amendment page. Approved Market Rule amendments along with proposed changes to technical interface documents, market manuals and other documents can be found on the Pending Changes page.

The calendar below outlines the proposed timelines for baselines. As these dates approach, they will be confirmed by the IESO through announcements to Market Participants. It should be noted that Technical Interface documentation is available for comment earlier than changes to the market manuals and related documents. The Baseline Calendar dates are related to the dates on the Pending Market System Software Changes Release Calendar.

On certain occasions, changes to market documentation will be made as updates to the current baseline to accommodate urgent rule amendments, systems changes or IESO procedural changes. These changes will be made on dates other than shown below and will be communicated to Market Participants with as much advance warning as possible.

Baseline 30.1

Baseline 31.0

Baseline 31.1

Baseline 32.0

Baseline 32.1

Technical Interface Documents          
All technical interface documents relating to the next software release are posted on the Pending Changes webpage for Market Participant comment. The IESO will post technical documents as they are made available and may not occur on the proposed date indicated. Documents may be deferred to the Market Facing document posting date. Refer to the Release Calendar for specific dates.

26 Aug 2013

25 Nov 2013

24 Feb 2014

26 May 2014

25 Aug 2014

Baseline Plan          
The baseline plan provides details of all document revisions, including stakeholder history and impact of change. It is made available as documents are identified for baseline inclusion. Documents submitted after Impact Assessment date will added to the plan under the heading “Update to Baseline”.

7 Oct 2013

13 Jan 2014

31 Mar 2014

7 Jul 2014

6 Oct 2014

Market Facing Documents          
New and revised market manuals and related documents are posted on the Pending Changes webpage. IESO initiates impact assessment, inviting market participants to review updated documents and provide feedback regarding document revisions.

9 Oct – 1 Nov 2013

15 – 31 Jan 2014

2 – 25
Apr 2014

9 Jul –
1 Aug 2014

8 – 31 Oct 2014

Final Posting of Documents          
Final approved documents posted on the IESO web.

4 Dec 2013

5 Mar 2014

4 Jun 2014

10 Sep 2014

3 Dec 2014

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