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Exemption Application and Assessment

The directors of the IESO Board are responsible for making decisions on applications from market participants that seek exemptions from the obligations or standards contained in the Market Rules. This authority was granted through amendments to the Electricity Act, 1998 Non-IESO link. (Bill 57 Non-IESO link Schedule F)

Further to the legislation, the directors established an Exemption Procedure to be followed in assessing exemption applications.

The Active Exemption Applications page contains information related to each exemption application. After application assessment by IESO staff, the following will be posted:

  • the application, the IESO staff recommendation and the due date for third party submissions
  • all third party submissions, along with the due date for applicant and IESO staff comments on third party submissions
  • the applicant and IESO staff comments on third party submissions
  • the panel decision

An exemption applicant will have the opportunity to respond to the IESO staff recommendation. A change in circumstances may prompt the reconsideration, removal or transfer of an exemption.

Related forms to be completed and submitted to the IESO include:

A Guideline entitled Prohibition on Communication Regarding Exemption Applications provides instruction regarding confidentiality issues relating to the evaluation of exemption applications.

Notice: The posting of submissions on the IESO's Web site is done for the convenience of market participants and other interested visitors to the IESO's site. When requesting or receiving submissions from market participants and/or industry stakeholders, it is the normal practice of the IESO to post the submissions on the IESO Web site. The IESO reserves the right to revise or withdraw any such submission at any time without further notice should the submission include, in the IESO's opinion, any defamatory or other inappropriate provisions. Participants are reminded that all the material that they submit may be published and that, in making a submission, their permission to publish the material is deemed to be granted.

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