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The IESO publishes a wide range of technical and interpretive documentation to help guide market participants through the IESO administered markets and support their operation in the IESO controlled grid. Market documentation consists of Market Rules, market manuals, technical interface documents and other related documents.

The IESO Market Rules define the framework for governing the IESO controlled grid and establish the competitive wholesale electricity market. They define the roles and obligations of market participants and the IESO. The Market Rules are effectively a contract between market participants and the IESO - by signing the IESO participation agreement, market participants agree to abide by and perform according to the rules. The IESO is also bound to these Market Rules, as applicable. The IESO Board of Directors has full authority to make and approve the rules and the Ontario Energy Board may be asked to review the IESO rules.

Market manuals and procedures provide more detailed descriptions of requirements for the activities and obligations specified in the Market Rules. They also include the forms and agreements required by market participants. Market manuals and procedures are approved by IESO management.

From time to time, IESO staff or stakeholders may initiate changes to certain Market Rules. The Market Rule amendment process is a consultative process through which any individual with an interest in the operation of the electricity market can request an amendment or comment on a rule amendment under consideration. This process is described in further detail in this section. Any Market Rule amendment that is under consideration or that has been approved by the IESO Board, but has not yet been incorporated into the actual Market Rules documentation, is also published in this section.

The IESO also publishes a series of technical interface documents, which provide in detail, the requirements and processes for interfacing to the IESO's technical systems.

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