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Stakeholder Engagement Principles

Stakeholder engagement principles guide the conduct of both the IESO and stakeholders to help ensure the engagement is conducted with integrity towards an efficient and effective process.  All stakeholders are provided with an opportunity to be informed about IESO activities and participate in issues and opportunities that affect them.  Stakeholders’ perspectives are used to inform decision-making, the responsibility for the decision rests with the IESO.

The Principles of Stakeholder Engagement:

  1. A stakeholder engagement plan will be developed for each significant issue or opportunity.  The plan will define the objective, stakeholders to be engaged, method of engagement, schedule of expected activities and decision timeframes.

  2. Transparency and openness of IESO’s stakeholder engagement process and IESO decision making.  The IESO will communicate with its stakeholders in an open and honest way.  The IESO will communicate to its stakeholders the decision, the rationale for the decision and how their input was taken into account in the decision.

  3. Inclusive and adequate representation of all stakeholders.  The IESO will encourage the participation of relevant stakeholders, that is, those who have an interest in the action or decision under consideration, as well as those who would be affected by it or who may perceive they would be affected by it.  Where practical, a variety of engagement methods will be offered so the full range of stakeholders may effectively participate in some way.  Effort will be made to involve effective representatives of important relevant stakeholder groups, especially those that may have a tendency to remain silent or uninvolved.

  4. Stakeholders will be provided with opportunities for meaningful dialogue and input into IESO decision making.  The IESO will remain open to consider input that can influence recommendations and decisions. Stakeholder views will be communicated to decision makers prior to decisions being taken.

  5. An accessible and efficient stakeholder engagement process.  Varying levels of stakeholder engagement activities will be designed based on the nature of the decision, the significance of the issue or opportunity to stakeholders and the need for efficiency to assure engagement objectives can be met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  6. The IESO will work with its stakeholders to foster an environment of sincerity, and mutual trust and respect.  All participants in an engagement are treated with respect and the forum is conducted in a fair, orderly, efficient manner.  All participants in an engagement will strive to be informed about the issue or opportunity, to communicate their views and to support others.

  7. Neutrality of IESO.   The IESO will make efforts to understand the values behind the diversity of views presented by various stakeholder groups. 

  8. The IESO will provide stakeholders with complete, accurate, timely and comprehensible information they need to effectively participate in engagement activities.  The information will be presented in a manner that the stakeholders can readily understand and at a time that allows for adequate review and consideration.
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