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Stakeholder Advisory Committee - Terms of Reference

The Electricity Act, 1998 requires the IESO to establish one or more processes by which consumers, distributors, generators, transmitters and other persons who have an interest in the electricity industry (collectively, stakeholders) may provide advice and recommendations for consideration by the IESO. The IESO Board has established this Stakeholder Advisory Committee (the Committee) as part of its stakeholder engagement processes.

The terms of reference are intended to provide pragmatic guidelines for the Committee and assist it in providing advice and recommendations to the IESO Board and Executive. These terms of reference are not exhaustive and the Committee may encounter circumstances not covered in this document. In these instances, the Chair of the Committee is encouraged to consult with the Chair of the IESO Board and to use his or her best judgment as to how best to address such circumstances.

Terms of Reference PDF

The terms of reference was approved by the IESO Board of Directors, November 29, 2012. For previous versions please e-mail



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