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Demand Response

The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is engaged in a number of demand response initiatives which include both reliability and real-time price demand response programs.

Demand Response 3

The Demand Response 3 (DR 3) program was developed by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) to provide economic incentives for participants to reduce consumption. This is a contract-based program, with DR 3 participants required to reduce electricity use when called upon.  In exchange for a commitment to reduce load, DR 3 participants receive an availability payment. For an actual, measured and verified load reduction, DR 3 participants also receive a utilization payment.

Under the program, the IESO is responsible for activating DR 3 – subject to a set of protocols established by the OPA.  The IESO dispatches DR participants either directly or through an aggregator to reduce their electricity use.

The IESO is also responsible for settlement and measurement and verification (M&V) services. More detailed information on the activation and dispatch of DR 3 is available on the OPA’s website.

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