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Changes to Reliability Assessments Information Requirements - Market Manual 2.8 (SE-99)

The IESO is proposing changes to the 10-year data submissions by Market Participants in accordance with Market Manual 2.8: Reliability Assessments Information Requirements.

Currently, Transmitters, Generators and Connection Applicants are required to submit reliability-related information covering a 10-year period due October 1 each year (via Forms 1223 and 1494). This information is used by the IESO to conduct security and adequacy assessments throughout the year – including assessments for NERC and NPCC.

In order to utilize and incorporate the most current data into these reports, the IESO would like market participants to consider any impacts that moving the October 1 due date to March 1 of each year would have on their business processes.

In addition, the IESO proposes the removal of Wholesale Consumers and Distributors from this Market Manual as they have not been required to provide reliability assessment information in previous years and it is not expected that it will be required in the future.

A short survey has been created to assist in providing feedback directly.

For more information on this stakeholder initiative please review the Issues Paper along with the Proposed Revised Documents indicated below and/or email

Proposed Activities
Date Agenda/Minutes Activities Expected Actions
July 6, 2012 • Market Manual 2.8 release in advance of Baseline 28.0
• Form 1223 and Form 1494
Consultation completed
May 22, 2012

2nd Comment Period, if necessary
• Revised Market Manual 2.8

No longer required based on unanimous stakeholder support
May 18, 2012 Issue second draft of revised MM 2.8 and related forms No longer required based on the survey results from the 1st Comment Period.
April 5, 2012
Issues Paper
Proposed Revisions to Market Manual 2.8: Reliability Assessments Information Requirements
Proposed Revised Documents
• Proposed Form 1223 – Generator Information
• Proposed Form 1494 – Plans for Retired, New or Modified Facilities Information
• Input Requested from Ontario Transmitters and Generators
• Communication
• Summary of Stakeholder Feedback
Stakeholder input by May 7
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