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Market Information Focus Group

The IESO has initiated this stakeholder engagement initiative to look at enhancements or changes to market information. The IESO publishes market information to provide transparency, enable effective participation, and facilitate understanding and analysis of the IESO markets. The goal of this plan is to obtain advice from a broad range of stakeholders on enhancements to market information.

The creation of a Market Information Focus Group will allow stakeholders to provide guidance to the IESO on how priorities are assigned to requests for new or enhanced reports and information.

The Focus Group will meet either in person or by phone, at least twice per year to evaluate proposals for changes to existing reports and requests for new types of public information, and to provide advice on prioritization of any updates.

The key deliverable from the group is a list of the current status and classification of all information requests which the focus group will review and provide input on.

This Stakeholder Engagement Plan has been developed to define the opportunity for stakeholder involvement.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Draft)
Terms of Reference for Market Information Focus Group (Draft)

For more information on this stakeholder initiative, please email

Proposed Activities
Date Agenda/Minutes Activities Expected Actions
April 26, 2013 Stakeholder Feedback
•  Goreway Power Station
•  Hydro-Quebec Energy Marketing
•  Ontario Power Authority
•  Ontario Power Generation
April 9, 2013
• Conference Call
• SE-97 First Quarter Update
• Demand Response Transparency
• Refreshing the Market Summaries Reports
• Market Data Proposal
October 16, 2012
• Communication - Follow Up from the last Market Information Focus Group Meeting
October 11, 2012
• Communication - Conference Call
• IESO Draft Reports List
• Aegent corresponding with the comments to #16
September 2012
Update plan and next steps Input from focus group, formation of a standing committee
August 2012              Update of information request list with anticipated delivery dates from the IESO Ranking of information requests
July 13, 2012    Stakeholders to provide input into the draft information request listing and priority
• Communication
• IESO Draft Reports List
Posting of information requests       
July 2012  Stakeholders to provide input into the draft information request listing and priority Input from Stakeholders       
June 26, 2012
First meeting of the Focus Group to discuss Stakeholder Engagement Plan, scope, Terms of Reference, and draft listing of information requests
• Production and Availability of Historical Data
• Market Summaries Reports
Finalize Terms of Reference and listing of information requests
June 13, 2012 Deadline for comments on the draft stakeholder plan

Stakeholder Feedback
• SECOR Consulting
Publish revised plan
May 31, 2012 Communicate draft Stakeholder Plan, Terms of Reference and request for participation in the Focus Group
• Communication
Feedback on the stakeholder engagement plan and participation in the focus group
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