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Review of Operating Reserve and Market Schedule Practices and Policies (SE-67)

Operating Reserve (OR) provides the IESO with a supply of additional energy that can be called upon quickly in the event of an unexpected shortfall of energy. The IESO also curtails transactions for adequacy or for surplus baseload generation and the megawatts associated with those transactions are removed from the market schedule.

The IESO will be publishing a review of the current practices and policies related to operating reserve and the market schedule and recommend appropriate changes to enhance the market place. This review is in response to recommendations for changes to the IESOs’ operating reserve practices and policies made through several forums.

This stakeholder engagement plan has been developed to define the opportunity for stakeholder involvement in the analysis of operating reserve and various transaction policies.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Revised, April 29, 2009)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Revised, June 9, 2009)

For more information on this stakeholder initiative or to participate in the next meeting, email

Proposed Activities
Supporting Material Expected Actions
Q4, 2009 Market Manual changes, if required IESO to post market manual changes
Q4, 2009 Market Rule changes, if required Technical Panel discussions
Q3, 2009 Post revised paper incorporating feedback from stakeholders IESO to post revised paper
Q3, 2009 Deadline for comments on discussion paper and recommended changes IESO to post feedback from stakeholders
Q3, 2009 Presentations to existing standing committees Dialogue – IESO to gather feedback from stakeholders
Q3, 2009 Post discussion paper and recommended changes Dialogue – IESO to publish discussion paper
June 23, 2009 Technical Panel meeting to discuss proposed options based on feedback received from stakeholders  
June 2, 2009 Update on initiative provided at June 2 Dispatchable Load Working Group meeting  
May 26, 2009 Technical Panel discussion  
April 30, 2009 Communication on Revised Stakeholder Engagement Plan Stakeholders to provide written feedback
October 29, 2008 Update presentation to the Market Pricing Working Group  
October 16, 2008 Deadline for written input from stakeholders
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IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
IESO to post feedback from stakeholders
October 2, 2008 Post and communicate stakeholder engagement plan IESO to publish revised stakeholder engagement plan
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