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Facility Outage Management (SE-27)

The Outage Management Replacement Project (SE-75) has now replaced this stakeholder initiative. Stakeholders seeking additional information on SE-75 please reference the following web page.

The IESO is upgrading its current outage system to provide greater functionality and most importantly, to improve efficiency. This initiative will provide an opportunity for market participants to provide input during the upgrade of the outage planning system.

Upgrading to this new tool has resulted in significant changes to the outage business process and the outage market manual. Stakeholder input will be used to assist us in providing an effective user interface and revising the outage planning market manual reflecting the new rules requirements, the tool functionality and plain language revisions of the market rules.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Draft)
Stakeholder Engagement Plan (Draft: Revision 1 - June 21, 2007)
Working Group

This initiative is on hold until further notice. Please refer to June 21, 2007 communication below.

Working Sessions and Proposed Activities
Supporting Material
To be determined Last date for transition to new system
To be determined Implementation of new system
To be determined Sandbox Testing.
To be determined Training Material
To be determined FOMS Application Program Interface testing
June 21, 2007 Communication on delay in implementation
May 7, 2007 IESO response to comments on design documents posted
March 13, 2007 Communication on implementation schedule
February 2, 2007
Minutes (Approved)
Web-cast overview of design documents
• Overview of FOMS Design Documents
January 26, 2007 Design documents posted for review by stakeholders
• MP Manage Equipment Summary (IESO_SPEC_0251)
• FOMS Application Program Interface (IESO_SPEC_0252)
Stakeholder Feedback
• Dofasco
• Hydro One
• Ontario Power Generation
• IESO Response to Stakeholder Feedback
January 19, 2007
Agenda (draft)
Minutes (approved)
• Item 1: Response to Comments for Posted Documents
• Item 2: Update on Future Document Postings
• Item 3: Registration Process
• Item 4: Testing
• Item 5: FOMS Rollout & Associated Cutover
• Summary of Session Feedback
January 8, 2007 IESO response to Comments on design documents posted
December 22, 2006 Due date for comments on design documents
Stakeholder Feedback
• Ontario Power Generation
• IESO response to Stakeholder Feedback
December 18, 2006
Agenda (draft)
Minutes (draft)
Webcast - overview of design documents
December 11, 2006 Design documents posted for review by stakeholders
• Market Participant Manage Outage Summary Specification
• Market Participant Custom Filter Specification
December 5, 2006 Update on Facility Outage Management presented to the IT Standing Committee
• Presentation
November 21, 2006 Communicate and post working group members
October 12, 2006 • Communication requesting names for working group members
October 4, 2006 Post Outage Planning stakeholder plan
September 15, 2006
Facility Outage Management System Workshop
• Presentation
• Facility Outage Management System Update
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