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Implementation of Day-Ahead Commitment Process (SE-16)

The Day-Ahead Commitment design was approved by the IESO Board on December 7, 2005. For information on the design, including past consultations, please see supporting material at this link.

To enable all potentially affected stakeholders the opportunity to provide input on the implementation of 2006 Day-Ahead Commitment processes, a new stakeholder plan has been created. The goal of this plan is to identify and minimize any adverse impacts on stakeholders' operations and businesses and the IESO-administered market in general.

Working Sessions and Proposed Activities
Supporting Material
July 27, 2006 • Board approval of urgent market rule amendment MR-00323-R00. For background see information under June 21: Intertie Subcommittee Webcast to gather feedback from traders on how to correct for lower than anticipated revenue under certain conditions
June 21, 2006 Intertie Subcommittee Webcast to gather feedback from traders on how to correct for lower than anticipated revenue under certain conditions
June 2006 Day-Ahead Commitment Process operational
March 23, 2006 Trials Working Group
February 9, 2006
Intertie Traders Meeting for Input on Day-Ahead Commitment Process
February 7, 2006
Dispatchable Loads Working Group Meeting
• Item 1: Day-Ahead Commitment Process design presentation
• Item 2: Emergency Load Reduction Program
• Item 4, 5 6 & 7: DACP Dispatchable load issues: see items 3.2, 3.4 on Implementation Topics log
• Item 4: NDL status through no bid submission - Market manual changes
• Item 5: Facility Outage Management System
• Stakeholder Session Notes
February 3, 2006 IESO Board of Directors' consideration of Technical Panel recommendations on market rule amendments.
• MR-00303-R00-R05: DACP - Data Submission
• MR-00304-R00 - DACP - Pre-Dispatch Scheduling and Commitment
• MR-00305-R00-R09 - DACP - Reliability Guarantees
• MR-00310-R00 - DACP - Authorities and Obligations Regarding Time Period in which the DACP is Functioning and DACP Sunset
January to March 2006 • Operations Working Group
• Settlements Working Group
January 17, 2006 Notification of Working Groups membership
• Operations Working Group Members
• Settlements Working Group Members
January 16, 2006 Interested stakeholders for participation in Working Groups to apply for nomination
January 12, 2006
• First Stakeholder Session on Implementation of Day-Ahead Commitment Process
• Day-Ahead Commitment Process design Version 3.0
• Changes between previous version and Version 3.0 of the Day-Ahead Commitment Process design document
• Guide to the Day-Ahead Commitment Process
• Summary of Session Feedback
• Stakeholder Session Notes
• Welcome, outline for the day, Stakeholder Plan and Participant Facing Calendar
• Day-Ahead Commitment Process - Design Overview
• Day-Ahead Commitment Process - Implementation Overview - Settlements
• Day-Ahead Commitment Process - Implementation Overview - Operations
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