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Changes for Self-Scheduled and Intermittent Generation (SE-15)

In the summer of 2005, an RFP for small renewable generation was released. This RFP requires facilities to participate in the IESO-administered markets, and is limited to projects between 250 kW and 20 MW.

Both this RFP, and a similar RFP for facilities between 20 MW and 200 MW require that the successful facilities register with the IESO as either intermittent or self-scheduling. This means that non congeneration projects that do not qualify to be registered as intermittent under the market rules, yet are greater than 10 MVA, would not be able to fulfill their contractual obligation to participate in the market.

The current requirements to be a market participant require small embedded generators to register with the IESO, be modelled in IESO tools and submit dispatch data.

For further information on this and other Government electricity demand/supply initiatives please refer to

An IESO review has identified the following recommendations to simplify the operation of these facilities in the IESO administered markets:

  1. Amend the market rules that allow a renewable facility under contract to the Ontario Power Authority of any size to register as self-scheduling, as long as there is no impact on the reliability of the IESO-controlled grid.
  2. Simplify informational requirements for market operation of embedded generators under 20 MVA as long as reliability is not impacted. This would include removing the requirement to submit hourly schedules or forecasts.
  3. Simplify the submission process for Emergency Preparedness plans for embedded generation.

Working Sessions and Proposed Activities
Supporting Material
February 9, 2007 This initiative has been closed as changes are not required at this time. The Renewables II contracts did not require these changes, and the Standard Offer Program will not require proponents to become market participants.
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