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Active Consultations

The IESO is committed to open, two-way dialogue with stakeholders to help understand and resolve issues in a way that benefits both stakeholders and the IESO. Below you will find a listing of active stakeholder consultations being conducted by the IESO.
Ref. # Last Updated Active Consultations Plan Closure Date
SE-117 Feb 6, 2014 Download Plan To be Determined
SE-116 Jan 2, 2014 Download Plan To be Determined
SE-114 Aug 29, 2013 Download Plan Aug. 1, 2014
SE-113 Nov 1, 2013 Download Plan To be Determined
SE-112 Nov 1, 2013 Download Plan To be Determined
SE-111 May 30, 2013 Download Plan To be Determined
SE-110 Apr 11, 2013 Download Plan To be determined
SE-109 Nov 1, 2013 Download Plan To be determined
SE-108 Mar 21, 2013 Download Plan June 2013
SE-102 Jun 15, 2012 Download Plan September 2012
SE-100 Jul 12, 2012 Download Plan July 2012
SE-97 Jul 6, 2012 Download Plan September 2013
SE-93 Oct 19, 2011 Download Plan September 2011
SE-91 Jul 25, 2013 Download Plan Mid-2013
SE-84 Jul 16, 2010 Download Plan On hold
SE-74 Nov 27, 2009 Download Plan On hold
SE-50 Mar 27, 2008 Download Plan To be determined
SE-40 May 20, 2010 Download Plan Q3, 2011
SE-3 Jun 1, 2005 Download Plan June 2005

Questions or feedback on the stakeholder engagement processes or an initiative can be sent to

Notice: The posting of submissions on the IESO's Web site is done for the convenience of market participants and other interested visitors to the IESO's site. When requesting or receiving submissions from market participants and/or industry stakeholders, it is the normal practice of the IESO to post the submissions on the IESO Web site. The IESO reserves the right to revise or withdraw any such submission at any time without further notice should the submission include, in the IESO's opinion, any defamatory or other inappropriate provisions. Participants are reminded that all the material that they submit may be published and that, in making a submission, their permission to publish the material is deemed to be granted.