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IESO Guidelines for Consultants Performing Connection Assessment Studies

In order to reduce the overall time required for connection applicants to complete the Connection Assessment process, a consultant may be engaged to perform connection assessment studies. The purpose of these studies is to determine the impact of a connection proposal on the reliability of the integrated power system, based on the application of IESO connection assessment criteria. These criteria are contained in the following IESO documents:

If a connection proposal does not meet the relevant criteria, any required changes to either the connection proposal or enhancements to the transmission system must be identified.

For details of the Connection Assessment process, please refer to the Connection Assessment webpage.

Process Steps

  1. After the connection applicant submits either a System Impact Assessment (SIA) application or a Feasibility Study application along with the associated documents and the required deposit, the IESO and the connection applicant agree on a Scope of Work and execute an SIA agreement or a Feasibility Study agreement.
  2. A non disclosure agreement is executed. Confidentiality requirements associated with the IESO’s data and models are discussed with the connection applicant and the consultant.
  3. The IESO, the connection applicant and the consultant meet to discuss the Scope of Study including the studies to be performed, assumptions to be used and the data and models to be provided by the IESO to the consultant.
  4. The consultant performs the studies specified in the Scope of Study. At approximately the half-way point, the consultant and connection applicant meet with the IESO to discuss preliminary study results and to confirm that the results are generally consistent with the IESO’s expectations. If necessary, changes in the study scope or methodology are identified by the IESO.
  5. When the studies have been completed by the consultant, the consultant and connection applicant meet with the IESO to discuss the study results and the proposed contents of the study report. Any additional studies required to address issues or concerns identified by the consultant are identified.
  6. The consultant submits the study report to the IESO.
  7. The IESO validates the results documented in the study report and carries out any additional studies that it deems necessary.
  8. The IESO produces either an SIA report and notification of conditional approval or a Feasibility Study report. The report will, in most cases, include the consultant’s report as an Appendix. The SIA report is then posted on the IESO web site and the OEB is notified of the IESO’s approval. The Feasibility Study report is confidential and will not be posted on the IESO's web site.
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