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Connection Assessments and Approvals (CAA)

Anyone planning to construct a new or modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid is required to apply to the IESO and complete the Connection Assessment and Approval (CAA) process (Market Rules, chapter 4, section 6). This process allows the IESO to assess the impact of new or modified connections on the reliability of the integrated power system. A new or modified connection to the IESO-controlled grid includes:

  • generation facilities
  • embedded generation facilities greater than 10 MW
  • transmission facilities
  • load facilities or a one-time addition of load greater than 10 MW, and
  • ancillary services, such as frequency control, black start capability, voltage control, reactive power, operating reserve, etc. (Market Rules, chapter 11)

Detailed information of the CAA process is available in Market Manual 2.10 - Connection Assessment and Approval. A Process map detailing the various steps in the CAA process is available by clicking here.

This page provides an overview of the connection process, from submitting an application through gaining approval.

The right hand menu contains links to connection process pages which provide specific information on obtaining an System Impact Assessment, an Expedited System Impact Assessment or a Feasibility Study

Connection proposals are assigned to one of four project lists. Each project list contains status information for assessments and hyperlinks to completed system impact asessment reports. The project lists are updated monthly to reflect new entries and status changes.

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