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Job Description

Engineer/Technical Officer-Assessments

Job Location


Type of Position

Temporary - up to 15 months

General Accountabilities

As an Engineer/Technical Officer - System Adequacy, you will be part of a team responsible for assessing the future resource adequacy of the Ontario electricity system. You will be involved in complex and advanced system adequacy analyses, which include the following:

  • Developing forecasts of electricity demand for Ontario by the application of specialized probabilistic and regression modelling techniques.
  • Conducting system analyses with powerful modelling tools such as Energy Exemplar's Plexos Integrated Energy Model, GE's Multi-Area Reliability Simulation (MARS), IESO's Load & Capacity, MATLAB based Variable Generation modelling and Siemens-PSSE.
  • Analyzing transmission and operability constraints affecting resource adequacy and identifying solutions to mitigate the limitations.
  • Producing Ontario reliability assessment reports such as 18-Month Outlook, Ontario Reliability Outlook (ORO) and Ontario Reliability Assessment (ORA).
  • Producing NERC Long Term Reliability Assessments (LTRA) and seasonal assessments.
  • Conducting the NPCC Review of Resource Adequacy and providing support for NPCC Regional Assessments of resource adequacy.
  • Maintaining and developing in-house tools for processing operational and market data, assessing trends, validating inputs, data linkages and algorithms for resource adequacy models, assessing and verifying computer simulation results against actual operational outcomes.
  • Representing IESO's planning interests in technical committees and working groups at provincial, national, regional and continental-wide levels (e.g. NPCC, NERC, Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC), CanWEA, ISO Summit and Energy Forecasting Group.
  • Responding to ad-hoc requests for system adequacy and operability analyses from senior management.
  • Participating in IESO-wide cutting-edge planning initiatives such as the development of a methodology to evaluate emerging technologies.
  • Documenting compliance with standards by completing Reliability Standard Audit Worksheets and collecting evidence for the applicable standards.
  • Providing analysis and subject matter expertise for development, revision and application of NERC standards, NPCC criteria and IESO's market rules, policies and procedures in the area of expertise.
Job Description
  1. Conduct assessments pertinent to assigned area of responsibility:
    • Forecast and assess resource adequacy based on information provided by Market Participants and transmitters. Provide input to the quarterly 18-month Outlook and to other reliability studies as required by the market rules. Carry out other assessments as required by NERC/NPCC or other entities, or as required for system operations. Establish data standards, develop appropriate analytical methods, establish assessment criteria, develop and meet performance measures and ensure quality of results.
    • Forecast and assess transmission adequacy based on information provided by Market Participants and transmitters. Assess the impact of new or modified connections to the IESO-controlled grid on the reliability of the integrated power system. Identify measures required to mitigate negative reliability impacts. Identify and coordinate input required from transmitters, consultants, and other IESO departments. Coordination will involve the provision of technical advice and guidance regarding data and information requirements, and the identification of study requirements. Participate as required in all aspects of the IESO Connection Assessment and Approval (CAA) Process.
  2. Provide input to special studies as required.
  3. Ensure that the confidentiality/sensitivity of data from market participants is safeguarded.
  4. Support the IESO Customer Support as required, responding to queries in assigned area of work.
  5. Perform other duties as required.


Selection Criteria
  • Requires knowledge of electrical theory, power system analysis and control, mathematics, computer science and the like to carry out analytical studies related to generation and transmission adequacy and connection assessments.
  • Requires knowledge of technical writing to prepare effective reports.

This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired either through the successful completion of a four-year university education in an appropriate field or discipline or by having the equivalent education.

  • Requires significant exposure to overall power system operation or planning. Requires specific experience related to the fields of:
    • utilization of generation resources, including interchange and interconnections
    • secure operation of bulk power system
    • reliability assessment
  • Experience will be in the areas of:
    • electrical engineering design concepts as they relate to the functions and characteristics of power system components
    • analytical studies and the application of computer techniques to solve power system problems
    • familiarity with power system operation, practices, and policies
    • provincial operating and system requirements
    • concepts of power system operation, including technical features of equipment and facilities, high-tension transmission, system interconnection and methods of attaining efficiency in power production and interchange between systems

A period of over 8 years and up to and including 10 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.

Core Competencies:

  • Good analytical and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Deadline oriented individual.
  • Proven excellent customer service skills.
  • A strong personal commitment to customer needs.
  • Demonstrates organizational skills.
  • A strong commitment to corporate objectives.
  • Ability to influence peers and others in the organization.

What the IESO Offers

  • Competitive market wages
  • Comprehensive benefit programs
  • Programs and policies to support a balanced lifestyle
  • A challenging fast paced team environment
  • Opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in the industry.

If you have the experience and qualifications for this position, please apply on-line.

We thank all candidates for their interest in opportunities with the IESO. While we appreciate your submissions, we regret that we can only contact those candidates selected for interviews. The IESO is an equal opportunity employer.

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