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Job Description

Assistant Analyst - Market Assessment and Compliance Division (MACD)

Job Location


Type of Position

Temporary - up to 15 months

General Accountabilities

Monitoring and Analysis, Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits, and Market Investigations & Reports are divisions within the Compliance and Assessment unit of the IESO's Market Assessment and Compliance Division (MACD) and are responsible for: monitoring the IESO-administered markets (Monitoring and Analysis); enforcing NERC/NPCC standards (Reliability Standards Investigations and Audits); enforcing IESO Market Rules and investigating alleged rule breaches (Market Investigations & Reports); and identifying and reporting on market inefficiencies and conducting gaming investigations (Market Investigations & Reports on behalf of the Market Surveillance Panel). The assignments will focus on the following:

  1. Support Senior Analyst(s) in the monitoring, documentation, investigation and promotion of market participant compliance with the Market Rules, NPCC/NERC practices, Market Surveillance Panel frameworks (i.e. gaming, exercise/abuse of market power), regulations, standards, policies and procedures which govern the marketplace.
  2. Assist in the investigation and analysis of allegations of non-compliance and breaches of the Market Rules by participants, breach of NPCC/NERC standards, or Market Surveillance Panel activities, including the collection of data. Assist in the implementation of decisions of Senior Management with respect to the penalty or sanction resulting from an investigation.
  3. Drafting written assessments of market participant conduct in relation to Market Rules, NPCC/NERC standards or Market Surveillance Panel frameworks with recommendations in relation to possible findings of breach and application of sanctions framework, for review by senior staff.
  4. Assist in the investigation and analysis of matters under review by the Market Surveillance Panel, including the drafting of assessments for review by senior staff and Panel members.
  5. Contribute to the maintenance of compliance and dispute resolution databases and/or record keeping. Enter, retrieve, search for data, and produce routine and customized reports based on the data.
  6. Respond to requests for information with respect to compliance monitoring, market monitoring, NPCC/NERC practices and enforcement processes.
  7. Keep informed regarding changes in Market Rules and the IESO's obligations, and recommend for approval any appropriate changes which may be required in the processes and procedures; update any procedures, as required.
  8. Assist in the drafting of new and/or modified processes, systems, and procedures for the Division, as necessitated by changes to the Market Rules or the Division's obligations.
  9. Ensure that the confidentiality of data obtained from Participants pursuant to compliance enforcement processes is safeguarded.
  10. Perform other duties as required.

Selection Criteria

Requires an academic background in engineering, economics, or business at a level to understand the technical/economic/legislative parameters governing the energy industry and market place. This knowledge is considered to be normally acquired either through the successful completion of 4 years university education in an appropriate field or by having the equivalent experience.

Requires good written and oral communication skills, in order to prepare reports, develop training documents, and communicate effectively with all contacts involved in accomplishing the work objectives.

Knowledge and/or experience in the following areas is desirable:

  • Knowledge of application of database system, including entering and retrieval of data, reporting, searching. Specifically, knowledge and experience in programming using JavaScript, VBA, MATLAB and SQL.
  • Some experience in methods of discovery, and/or investigation and/or audit, which involve application of analytical, reasoning and negotiating skills.
  • Knowledge of legislative parameters governing the Ontario electricity marketplace.
  • Operations/planning experience in electrical industry, power system, finance, regulatory and/or enforcement activities or audit.
  • Alternative dispute resolution processes.
  • Administrative regulations and self-regulation procedures.
  • Good general knowledge of the IESO-administered markets and/or some of the specific IESO business processes (e.g. Market Operations and Forecasts, Settlements, Revenue Metering).
  • The position may require some travel from primary work location.
  • Candidates with knowledge of Hyperion / BITS strongly preferred.

A period of over 4 years, up to and including 6 years is considered necessary to gain this experience.

Core Competencies:

  • Good analytical and communication skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work in a team environment.
  • Deadline oriented individual.
  • Proven excellent customer service skills.
  • A strong personal commitment to customer needs.
  • Demonstrates organizational skills.
  • A strong commitment to corporate objectives.
  • Ability to influence peers and others in the organization.

What the IESO Offers

  • Competitive market wages
  • Comprehensive benefit programs
  • Programs and policies to support a balanced lifestyle
  • A challenging fast paced team environment
  • Opportunity to work with some of the brightest people in the industry.

If you have the experience and qualifications for this position, please apply on-line.

We thank all candidates for their interest in opportunities with the IESO. While we appreciate your submissions, we regret that we can only contact those candidates selected for interviews. The IESO is an equal opportunity employer.

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