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When you decide to investigate energy efficiency projects, several entities may be able to help with funding through designated programs.  Some programs are offered to reduce your peak electricity demand while others are designed to help you with capital costs for energy efficiency projects.  For businesses with an interval meter, peak demand charges comprise about 30 per cent of your electricity bill while charges on your monthly consumption makes up the other portion.  Below is a list of resources that will help you to get started.

Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – The OPA has launched a series of conservation programs designed for all types of businesses, industry and public sector consumers.  The programs help to fund energy audits, retrofit existing equipment and pursue new construction that exceeds existing building codes. 

For instance, the Small Business Lighting program offers up to $1,000 to qualifying small businesses (with a peak demand of under 50 kW) for energy efficient lighting and equipment upgrades.  The program also offers a free energy assessment to identify specific opportunities to become more energy efficient.

To learn more about all the OPA programs, visit

Your Local Distribution Company is an excellent source of information and knowledge about various incentive programs. LDCs also offer and administer all province-wide energy efficiency and conservation programs. Contact your LDC for more details and information on how to learn more.

Natural Resources Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) offers an extensive library of resources that can help you to get started on a retrofit of your existing facility or to and improve energy conservation. 

Natural gas providers have developed a number conservation and demand management programs to increase overall energy efficiency.  Contact your natural gas provider for more specific information on their programs.