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The IESO offers a range of training courses and materials that may be of interest to energy management professionals who are responsible for overseeing their organization's electricity costs.

Overview of the IESO-Administered Markets

This overview document explains the roles of the IESO and others with direct involvement in the wholesale market. It also explains the types of markets administered by the IESO, and how prices and certain payments within the markets are determined.

Introduction to Ontario's Physical Markets

For those requiring a more in-depth understanding of Ontario's energy markets, we offer the Introduction to Ontario's Physical Markets. This is available as a workbook: Introduction to Ontario's Physical Markets (pdf). It addresses questions such as:

  • Who can participate and who must?
  • What markets are included?
  • How and when are prices determined?
  • Which prices apply to which participants?
  • How does the IESO determine who supplies energy and operating reserve?
  • How do imports and exports fit in?
  • What are physical bilateral contracts and how can they be used?

The IESO also offers this material as a face-to-face course. This one-day workshop provides a fundamental understanding of the energy market. This course is held in the GTA several times a year. For more information, visit the Marketplace Training course calendar page of the "Inside the Market" section.


More information about training courses is available from the "Inside the Market" section of this site.