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Urgent Market Rule Amendments

Urgent Amendments come into force immediately after they are approved. These amendments are decided on by the Urgent Rule Amendment Committee and/or the IESO Board and come into force on the date specified in the Market Rule Amendment Proposal. The IESO Board will meet to ratify, amend or reject any Urgent Amendment approved by the Urgent Rule Amendment Committee.
Market Rule Number Chapter/Section Title Last Updated
MR-00398-R00 • Chapter 9, section 3.3.2 Correction to Limiting Payments to Exports during Negative Prices 27-Sept-2012
MR-00380-R00-R01 • Chapter 9, sections 3.5.1A and 3.5.1D Non-transmission Related Constrained Off Payments 31-Mar-2011
MR-00373-R00 • Chapter 9 section 3.5.1C Suspend CMSC for Constrained Off Dispatchable Loads 27-Aug-2010
MR-00323-R00 • Chapter 9 section 3.8A Day-Ahead Intertie Offer Guarantee Adjustment 27-Jun-2006
MR-00322-R00-R01 • Chapter 9 section 3.8A Day-Ahead Intertie Offer Guarantee and Real-Time negative CMSC 9-Jun-2006
MR-00315-R00 • Chapter 9 section 3.5.8 Eliminate Congestion Management Settlement Credit Payments for Linked Wheeling Through Transactions 7-Apr-2006
MR-00309-R00 • Chapter 7 sections 2.2.10 and 2.2.20 Provision of Black Start Capability by Self-Scheduling and Transitional Scheduling Generators 7-Dec-2005
MR-00243-ROO • Chapter 7 appendix 7.6 Urgent Market Rule Amendment: Limiting CMSC Payments to Constrained-off Exports on Uncontested Export Interties 21-Aug-2003
MR-00239-R00 • Chapter 9 section 3.5 Eliminate CMSC Payments Associated with Negative Priced Offers 26-Jun-2003
MR-00238-R00 • Chapter 7 section 8.4 Correcting Inappropriate Charges and Payments that may Occur Under Administrative Pricing 5-Jun-2003
MR-00233-R00 • Chapter 9 section 5.1 Urgent Amendment to Market Power Mitigation Rebate Rules 2-May-2003
MR-00215-R00 • Chapter 2 section 5.8.2A Suspension of Deemed Credit Downgrade Resulting from Credit Watch Warning 19-Nov-2002
MR-00214-R00 • Chapter 9 section 1.2 Bill 210 Consequential Market Rule Amendments 13-Dec-2002
MR-00204-R00-R01 • Chapter 9 section 3.8A, 4.8 Eliminate Payment of Intertie Offer Guarantee for Wheeling Transactions 1-Aug-2002

Any individual may identify the need for an Urgent Rule Amendment using the Market Rule Amendment Submission Form. Urgent Amendments may be identified as a result of the occurrence of a specific event in the market that requires an immediate amendment to the Market Rules. An urgent amendment to the Market Rules can be required for one or more of the following reasons:
  • To avoid, reduce the risk of or mitigate the effects of conditions that affect the ability of the integrated power system to function normally.
  • To avoid, reduce the risk of or mitigate the effects of the abuse of market power.
  • To implement standards or criteria of a standards authority.
  • To avoid, reduce the risk of or mitigate the effects of an unintended adverse effect of a market rule.
Each submission should clearly identify the area of the rules under question, state the proposal, provide reasons for the proposed change, explicitly indicate that the amendment is urgent and identify which criteria was applied to make this determination.
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