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Interpretation Bulletins

Interpretation bulletins are produced by the IESO to provide clarification on the interpretation, application or implementation of a market rule.

These bulletins are developed and published by the IESO under the authority of the market rules (Chapter 1, Section 12). Bulletins are binding on the IESO subject to the conditions listed in section 12.1.5 of Chapter 1 of the market rules.

Below are current interpretation bulletins.

Current Interpretation Bulletins
Interpretation Bulletin Number Title Publication Date Effective Date
IMO_MKRI_0001 Compliance with Dispatch Instructions Issued to Dispatchable Facilities June 29, 2009 June 30, 2009
IESO_MKRI_0002 Maintaining the Reliability of Supply to Customer Connections October 31, 2006 November 1, 2006
IESO_MKRI_0003 Market Participant Eligibility for Outage Compensation October 9, 2008 October 9, 2008

Any person wishing to request a clarification or ask a question regarding the interpretation, application or implementation of a market rule should complete the Market Rule Amendment Written Submission Form (DOC: 58KB) and submit to:
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