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Rule Amendments

Current Market Rule Amendments
Market rule amendments currently under consideration by the IESO Board or Technical Panel, and those amendments approved by the IESO Board can be found on the Current Market Rule Amendment page.

Market Rule Amendment Process
The IESO uses a consultative process to develop amendments to the Market Rules. Any individual with an interest in the operation of the electricity market can request an amendment to the Market Rules or comment on a rule amendment under consideration. The following describes the rule amendment process. For further detail on the process, please refer to the Market Rules Chapter 3 - Section 4, and Market Manual 2.3.

Requesting a Rule Amendment
Any individual may request a rule amendment or clarification using the Market Rule Amendment Submission Form (DOC: 71KB). Each submission should clearly identify the area of the rules under question, state the proposal succinctly, and provide reasons for the proposed change. Please note that all fields in Parts 1 to 4 must be completed. These requests will be forwarded to the IESO and Technical Panel for review.

Technical Panel Determinations on Amendment Submissions
If the Technical Panel determines that an amendment submission warrants further consideration, it will then be assessed for materiality. These findings will be issued in a Technical Panel Determination on an Amendment Submission that will be posted on the Current Market Rule Amendment page. The Technical Panel may also invite individuals to comment on an amendment submission. The invitation will be indicated in the applicable Technical Panel Determination on Amendment Submission.

Written Submission on an Amendment Submission, Proposed Amendment, or Recommended Amendment
If an individual wishes to provide written comment on a rule amendment that is under consideration, the Market Rule Amendment Written Submission Form (DOC: 58KB) should be completed and forwarded to the IESO. If the Technical Panel has invited written submissions, these submissions must be made by the deadline specified in the invitation.

External Stakeholder Consultation Meetings
The Technical Panel, on its own initiative or at the request of stakeholders, may also decide to hold consultation meetings with stakeholders to discuss a rule amendment under consideration. Notice of these meetings will be published in the External Stakeholder Consultation Meeting Schedule.

Technical Panel Proposed Amendments
The Technical Panel may publish a proposed rule amendment prior to conducting a vote on the amendment. The Technical Panel may again invite written submissions on the published proposed amendment.

Technical Panel Recommendations on Amendment Proposals
After the Technical Panel has voted on a rule amendment, its recommendation will be published in a Technical Panel Recommendation on an Amendment Proposal. The Technical Panel may invite written submissions to the IESO Board on any of its recommendations.

IESO Board Decision
All IESO Board decisions on Technical Panel recommendations are published in an IESO Board Decision. If approved, the amendment will be incorporated into the next revision, or Baseline, of the Market Rules. The Pending Changes page features all amendments that have been approved by the Board and will come into force at the next Baseline unless specified as otherwise.
See also Urgent Amendments.

Contact information:
Please submit forms by e-mail to, by fax to (416) 506-2847, or by mail to the IESO, 655 Bay Street, Suite 410, P.O. Box 1, Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K4. Please address all correspondence to the attention of the Market Rules Group.

Notice: The posting of submissions on the IESO's Web site is done for the convenience of market participants and other interested visitors to the IESO's site. When requesting or receiving submissions from market participants and/or industry stakeholders, it is the normal practice of the IESO to post the submissions on the IESO Web site. The IESO reserves the right to revise or withdraw any such submission at any time without further notice should the submission include, in the IESO's opinion, any defamatory or other inappropriate provisions. Participants are reminded that all the material that they submit may be published and that, in making a submission, their permission to publish the material is deemed to be granted.

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